Navigate the Complexities of Finance with Ease: Manim, Your Financial GPS!

    Manim eliminates the financial management challenges created by the use of multiple banks and platforms in commercial enterprises. It transforms banking and financial services into next-generation open banking experiences embedded within the ERP and/or accounting software used by businesses.
Manim Pro






Consolidated and Instant Financial Management

Track the account balances of your company across all banks from a single platform and make accurate financial decisions.
Be informed with push notifications of all transactions at your bank accounts. Also automate your own ERP/accounting application quickly and easily with Manim.
Use Manim securely and integrated with your ERP/accounting software with cloud technology or your own server
Track your reports with real-time information; access your receivables, payments, cash and bank balances instantly


Field sales teams can manage the balances, current account transactions, due dates, and bank collections of their assigned customers through ERP and accounting integrations on mobile devices, as well as perform product deliveries. Learn more 

Utilise 20 Years of ERP Experience

Comprehensive solution that covers all of your needs, in one package.

21 fully integrated systems to ERP/Commercial systems with  Manim FinTech Solutions

Manim eliminates the need for additional user licensesin the ERP system.


The systems we are integrated with and work as technology providers are followings: SAP , SAP B-one, Microsoft Dynamics Axapta , Microsoft Dynamics Navision , Logo Go 3,  Logo Tiger 3, Logo Tiger Enterprise 3, Netsis Entegre 3, Netsis Enterprise 3, Mikro, Orka ,  Minerva , IAS Canias, IFS , Modaltrans , Pir Cloud , YSM Bulut , Maslak Api Platformu,  e-analiz , KolayBi 

POS Transactions, Due Date, and Commission Tracking

Manage your POS collections effectively and ensure compliance with the contract terms. Monitor and audit commission records for any discrepancies or violations.

Get a consolidated view of all your transactions across physical and virtual POS systems, analyze them, and automate the accounting process.

Track the amount of POS transactions for each bank on specific payment terms to efficiently manage your cash flow.

Compare and analyze POS transaction reports.

Create campaigns based on card usage analysis. Learn more


Monitor All Your Online DDS Transactions in Real-Time from a Single Screen.

Manim provides real-time tracking of your direct debit limits, payments, and collections, allowing you to effectively monitor your limit/risk and identify any gaps on a customer/parent company level. It helps you plan your cash flow. Learn more


Convenient and Secure QR Payments

Manim  enables you to easily generate QR codes and receive payments from your customers using these codes.

Record your collections in the ERP/accounting system, monitor the customer risks effectively.

Integrate customer's invoice information into the ERP system and generate custom transaction-based QR codes, or make other QR collections.

Customers can easily complete their transactions securely through their smartphones by using the camera or QR code scanner integrated with the banks.

Generate custom QR codes Through QR Collection to securely accept contactless payments, and also send online QR codes to your customers for easy payment experience without limits.

Learn more


Experience the Convenience of Credit Card Collections 

Field sales teams can easily manage assigned customers' balances, account transactions, payment terms etc. through the Manim mobile app, They can efficiently collect payments using invoice-based and/or unconnected credit card payments.


Manim's online collection system is fully integrated with Paratika and IPara systems.Users can receive collections through the Manim mobile application with NFC , make collections with credit cards, and perform payment transactions using links.

You can make collections from anywhere using the Manim mobile application, no need to carry a POS machine. Learn more

Mobil Cihanız ile Çek Toplayın ve Anlık ERP kaydı oluşturun

Manim, geliştirdiği modüller ile çek ve senetlerinizin, müşteriden alındıkları andan tahsil vadelerine kadar geçen süreci dijital ortamda takip edebilmenizi sağlar.                  

Çeklerinizi ve senetleriniz sahada sisteme kaydedin ve ERP ye taşıyın. Geçmiş dönemde manim sistemi üzerinden toplama işlemlerinde kontrol için kullanın.  Learn more

Let Manim API-ize Your Data and Provide Integration Opportunities

Manimallows you to perform data consolidation and transfer using various methods and file types through the data transfer system. Manim provides usage and integration capabilities. 


Manim is a lightweight integration platform that allows you to connect everything to everywhere. It includes all the necessary components for end-to-end integration of external APIs and internal applications.

Automate Financial Workflows with Partner APIs and Internal Applications
Cost-Effective System

Manim cuts integration and server costs with the cloud or on-premises.

Scalable Integration Capability

It provides a completely scalable and expandable integration capability with its simple and low-cost infrastructure to support enterprise workloads.

Conversion Between Formats

Easily match, translate and copy file formats such as SWIFT MT940, TXT, XLS, XML, CSV and JSON.

Transmission Protokols

Send and receive files using popular protocols such as FTP, SFTP, HTTP, and SMTP, either automatically or manually. 

Application and Data Integration

manim’in yerleşik konektörleri ile kutudan çıktığı haliyle denenmiş  uygulama ve veri kaynaklarıyla entegre edin.

Learn more

Create Your Own Application or Find Solutions for Your Company Using an API Platform

Access all Manim products easily and integrate with all banks and ERP systems using a modern, unified, and standardized REST API infrastructure.

  • Manim API platform enables Manim customers to access all products, connect with all banks, and gain access to modules in all ERP systems through the Manim ERP transfer and synchronization API, allowing for seamless integration and providing new integration possibilities.

  • Time- efficient with fast set-up capability.

  • Develop an application, a platform, or an integrated systems.

  • Create customized solutions for your company. Learn more



About us

Manim Financial Technologies Inc. founded in 2014 to develop digital solutions that facilitate financial processes of the businesses by combining the finance, banking and ERP experience. Manim has been providing FinTech solutions to enterprises more than 1300 in different industries in Boğaziçi University Technopark R&D center since 2014.




Founding year



Empowering Businesses Through Streamlined Financial Processes

Making financial decisions is now easier with Manim Let the technology empower your business for effortless simplification.
Experience the liberating ease of practical solutions

Seamlessly Accessible from Anywhere, All in One System

seamlessly perform collections related to current receivables, risk assessments, integrated with the ERP/Commercial system.

• Track the bank transfers/EFT's, current account balances, and transactions on a regional basis. 

 • Empower your field workers to effortlessly track and share receipts from their mobile devices, while enjoying seamless management of your collection plans and performance with utmost efficiency

Manage Your Payments/Collections, Stay Updated with Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

• Generate integrated payment plans with a single click, easily create new plans or duplicate existing ones, and effortlessly upload all your plans from Excel. Easily integrate your payment schedules with your ERP/Commercial system. 

• Synchronize your payment/collection plans with your banking transactions, seamlessly integrating them into your ERP/Commercial system.

• Effortlessly track your funds in different banks and seamlessly transfer your payment and collection instructions to any bank.

• Stay informed when transactions occur. Be in the driver's seat!

Centralize All Your Companies; Small or Large, on a Single Powerful Platform

• Experience the utmost peace of mind with our versatile and secure financial cash management solution, designed to cater to businesses of all sizes and industries.

• If you are responsible for managing the finances of multiple companies, gain full control and streamline the process by effortlessly monitoring the cash positions of your entire group. With our suite of mobile, desktop, and web applications, experience seamless financial management at its finest

• Enhance your financial decisions by enriching your cash data with the existing treasury, check, and other relevant information in your ERP system. Maximize the value of your financial insights and make informed decisions that drive success properly. 

Unlocking Financial Automation, Empowering Control

Define the person or institutions which you have a business relationship, the system will automate your transactions by learning your financial habits and characteristics as you make transactions.


Making financial decisions is now easier with Manim Let the technology empower your business for effortless simplification.


We as KolayBi have been in collaboration with Manim since 2017. By entrusting our Online Banking infrastructure to Manim, we were able to focus on our own business. With KolayBi's modern infrastructure integrated into more than 25 banking systems, Manim enables us to provide solutions to over 1,000 customers through the KolayBi system.

Gökhan Boyona

CEO - KolayBi'

"We have been using the Manim system, fully integrated with Netsis Enterprise System since 2016. As of September 2022, we have successfully migrated to the Microsoft Dynamics Navision system, maintaining full integration, and have been using it for the past 6 years."

Emre Emanetoğlu

Nilorn Turkey - Financial Manager

As we grow, the number of banks, accounts, and transactions also grows with you. While we focus on our business and growth, we have been managing all these processes with Manim's financial software solutions since 2019."

Hüseyin Küçük

Dinamik Automotive - CFO


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